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About Laura

Laura Mabbutt's artistic practice is a dynamic fusion of traditional craft and digital media, where handcrafted techniques meet contemporary processes to explore the beauty of natural and raw materials. Central to her work is a fascination with how things work, both practical objects and abstract systems, inviting audiences to delve into the essence of how things happen and function.

Engaging with people as collaborators, audience, and participants, Laura's art is a dialogue between creator and audience, where learning is a mutual journey. Through her immersive experiences, that can range from exhibitions to boardgames, handmade objects to augmented reality, she gently disrupts preconceptions, encouraging participants to explore new perspectives and discover hidden depths within themselves and the world around us.

With a focus on process rather than product, Laura approaches her practice with a spirit of curiosity and experimentation, often dismantling and reassembling objects and processes to uncover their inner workings and reinterpret them in her own unique way. Working considerately and compassionately, she creates spaces where creativity flourishes and connections are forged.


In Laura's world, art is not just a static creation, but a living, breathing exploration of the interplay between materials, processes, and people. It is a journey of discovery, both for herself and for those who engage with her work, where learning never ceases.

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