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Making is where my practice began, with craft being my specialism for my undergraduate degree. Years later, my practice still revolves heavily around making but now incorporates many forms, crafting both by hand and digitally plus creating not only objects but also experiences.

Handmade and Digital Fusion

My practice involves making and learning new things, so looking back, it seemed a natural progression for my work to develop from ancient craft techniques to new technologies. I completed my MA in Design during the 2020 lockdown and this led me to explore ways that people could experience my work digitally at home.

I explored the use of digitally scanning real objects and using these in virtual and augmented reality, preferring augmented reality for its connection to the real world. I am still exploring the possibilities of making work that blends the two worlds. Scroll down to view images and videos of the works in action.

Interactive Objects + Games

My practice has always involved some form of interactivity, starting with curating interactive exhibitions in the early 2000s, I more recently explored this area further during my MA in Design (2019), which focussed on creating handcrafted games. Using tactile objects and sometimes augmented reality, I now bring play and game mechanics into much of my work to surprise, delight and communicate ideas to audiences.

Materials and Processes

I am fascinated by materials and processes. After beginning my career making objects to sell, I soon learned that exploring the act and process of making was my preferred way of working and how I could connect with audiences in a more fulfilling way. I enjoy exploring the exciting possibilities of materials and sharing these with others through teaching and presenting work that can be touched and explored using our senses.