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Growing Art
Willoughby Road Allotments
An Arts Council England Funded Project

As part of the Growing Art project, I am one of two professional, socially-engaged artists—alongside Kathleen Smith—funded by Arts Council England to embark on a year-long residency at Willoughby Road Allotments in Boston. Our mission is to assist the allotment and its community in achieving their goals through creative means, thereby demonstrating the value of artistic activity within communities.

Following discussions with allotment holders and local residents, Kathleen and I, from Making Up Your Street, have developed a list of activities aimed at supporting the community's objectives. Our overarching goal is to cultivate a more welcoming and relaxing atmosphere at the allotment, encouraging diverse participation. Throughout the residency, we will host free workshops and creative events, create signage, trails, and murals, and work towards attracting more visitors through market stalls and transportation services.

We are collaborating closely with allotment holders, conducting workshops and creative and functional installations. Additionally, we are sharing allotment stories through a monthly podcast and an augmented reality trail, providing insights and facts about the growing environment.

Together We Are Powerful
The Hub 2023

I engaged in a chain reaction-style, process-led residency that pushed me to utilize the materials and concepts employed by the preceding artist in the project. My task was to generate artwork within the gallery, drawing inspiration from the themes of the Hub's 20th-anniversary summer program.

Initially, the project featured a large cape installation crafted from recycled banners by Kate Genever. Building upon this foundation, I deconstructed the cape and transformed it into several large interactive games within the main gallery area. Throughout this process, I incorporated feedback from visitors, allowing their input to shape the evolution of my work before they were able to play to final iterations of each game.

Residency Lab: Fun Machine
Level Centre 2022

Under the theme of play and accessibility, Beth Lambert and Laura Mabbutt collaborated on an artwork with input from LEVEL centre visitors during their Residency Lab project. The resulting interactive installation at the LEVEL Centre was a playful fairground-inspired artwork featuring audio, tactile features, and scent. Visitors used the Fun Machine to play fairground-inspired games that helped them create unique abstract artwork to take home with them. Additionally, the Fun Machine incorporated elements of augmented reality, allowing it to be viewed using smart devices like phones or tablets. Public engagement was essential, with participants invited to contribute to the creation of the Fun Machine through online prompts. Participants selected colors, shapes, and methods for creating the machine. View a film explaining the project here.

Mansions of the Future

Between 2018-2020 I worked from a studio at Mansion of the Future, an Arts Council funded cultural hub in Lincoln. Whilst there, activities included community workshops, pilot projects, running a supper club as well as working on my MA Design studies and research into game design and tactile objects.