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Co-creating and Creative Skills

Over the years, I have delivered practical workshops, series of workshops and projects to co-create artwork with participants in a variety of craft and creative media including: 

Creating Augmented Reality and QR for artwork and exhibitions

Carious craft skills for beginners and more experienced levels 

Maknig with Recycled materials

I have also delivered talks, mentoring and professional development sessions for other creatives.

I have worked in a variety of venues, events and settings including festivals, galleries, higher education, schools, and day centres, cafes and community as well as more unconventional settings such as foodbanks, park banches and in cinemas.

If you are interested in discussing how I might be able to contribute to your creative project through workshops, co-creation, talks, or mentoring please get in touch.

I strive to be flexible to meet the demands of each project I work on so am happy to discuss bespoke programmes of activity to suit your needs.

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